chlosmiles asked: "You are awesome!! I love your account :)"

Thanks!!!!! 😘😘

jordanjazzerina asked: "Your blog is amazing! Keep up the great work!"

Thanks girl!!!! 😘😘


sia -chandelier


sia -chandelier

Anonymous asked: "How do you take your caps?? I have a Dance Moms cap account on instagram and I was wondering if you have any tips??"

You kinda just have to wait for the perfect timing to take a screenshot so it’s as clear as it can be!

jackie00000 asked: "Is this the real dance moms crew ! :)"

Yes I thought I was the only one hahaha it’s me !!

OMG 4,450 FOLLOWERS! Thank your everyone😘

shiptr0yler asked: "Ummm ... Why Is the dance mom fandom sending our fandom hate ? is it necessary to tell us to kill ourselves ?"

Um not sure but hey just live your life girl